Do you sell padlocks for suitcases?

Yes we do. There are several types, including TSA locks, which are essential for travel in the USA.

Can you open my suitcase / briefcase/ luggage?

Yes, bring it in to our shop and we can usually help you in less than an hour.

I've lost the key to my filing cabinet, can you make a new one?

Yes, in most cases. Contact us with the number stamped on the front of the lock, or send us a photo, and we will let you know. If we can’t make a key we can replace the lock.

My key is broken and stuck in the lock, what do I do?

Keep all the parts of the key. Contact us to make an appointment for a locksmith to come and remove the broken part of the key. Often we can make a new key based on the broken parts, or we can create a new key using the lock.

Do you cut keys?

Yes, we cut a wide variety of keys including: house, filing cabinets, lockers, entrance door locks, screen door locks, restricted keying systems, car keys (car keys are dependent on the make and model of vehicle.)

Do you cut car keys?

We can copy many car keys, it depends on the make and model of the vehicle. We can also provide a ‘swim’ key. This contains no electronics, it will open the door of the car but not start the car. This is ideal to take with you when swimming or surfing.

Can I get another remote made for my garage?

In most case we can code an additional remote for your garage. Come in or call us and we will help.

Can you change the locks on my house?

Yes. We can usually remove existing locks and install new ones in their place. We can also re-key the existing locks so that the old keys won’t work but the new keys will. That way you know exactly who has keys to open your locks.

Do you code remotes?

We can code or copy many remotes. Bring your existing remote in (even if it doesn’t work) and we will see how we can help.

Can you put new locks on my door?

Yes. We can usually remove existing locks and install new ones in their place. We can also re-key the existing locks so that the old keys won’t work but the new keys will. That way you know exactly who has keys to open your locks.

What licence does a locksmith need?

A locksmiths in NSW must hold a Security Industry licence, authorised by NSW Police. Archer Locksmiths Licence # is 404919638.

Can you come to my house?

Yes we can. Contact us to make an appointment at a time suitable to you.

How much will it cost for you to come to my house?

The cost depends on where you are and what you need us to do. We can provide a free quote and a general cost guide before any work commences.

I've lost my keys, can you open my door?

Yes we can. Contact us and we will come to your house to help.

I've lost my keys, what do I do?

We can open the door and then make a new key for you. It can either be the same key as before, so all the old keys still work, or it can be a different key so the old keys will no longer open the door.

What training does a locksmith need?

A qualified locksmith will hold a Certificate III in Mechanical Engineering (Locksmithing) as well as having gained practical experience and training over a four-year period with an already qualified locksmith trades person.

Do you have locks for pool gates?

Yes we do. We can provide everything you need to have your pool gate comply with current standards and safety requirements.

Someone has been stealing my mail, what can I do?

Adding a lock to your letter box will increase the security of your mail. There are several types of locks available and we can install them for you.

I'm going to renovate, should I talk to a locksmith before I choose windows and doors?

That’s always a good plan. You can then get information on what hardware can be installed on your doors or windows. You will also be sure that your doors and windows can be locked easily and securely.

Do you supply bollards or posts for car parking spaces

Yes we do. There are various solutions for parking security so contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Do you supply chains and padlocks?

Yes we do. Padlocks in many sizes, shackles in various sizes, chains in whatever length you require.

Can I put a key box outside my house with a key in it?

A key safe, also know as a lock box or key garage, is a small, metal, lockable box which is used to store a key. The key safe is opened using a code number. The box can be bolted to a wall of the house so trusted people (family members, carers, emergency services) can access the house without the need for giving them a key. A key safe can also be attached to a car with a shackle (like a padlock) so you don’t need to take your car key with you when swimming, surfing or running.

Can I have the same key open all the locks at my house?

Many locks can be keyed to the same key. If you can put the key into the lock, even if it doesn’t turn, then we should be able to re-key that lock to the main key. Even if you can’t fit the key in, we might still be able to help.

My car key is bent. What should I do?

Contact us straight away. A bent key is a weak key and the risk of it breaking off in the lock is high. You need to replace that key as soon as possible. If you don’t have a spare key then it’s even more important to attend to this soon.

Do you sell gun safes?

Yes. Gun safes are specifically sized so provide us with the details of what is to be stored and we will order something to suit your requirements.

How do I change the battery in my safe?

Each brand of safe has a different method for changing the battery. You should be able to do it yourself. Contact us and we will provide instructions on how to change the battery.

What do the flashing lights on my safe mean?

It is in time-out mode. If the wrong combination has been entered too many times the safe will go into time-out mode to prevent someone attempting many codes to gain entry. Wait approximately 10 minutes or until the lights stop flashing, then try re-entering the code.

What does the beeping from my safe mean?

A single beep usually sounds when you press a button. A double beep usually means you have entered the correct code. Three beeps means the code is incorrect. Ten beeps means the battery needs to be changed. Contact us with the details of make and model and we can tell you exactly what your beeping means.

What battery should I use in my safe?

Safes that use a 9 volt battery should only have an Duracell Alkaline battery installed. These batteries provide the most reliable, trouble-free and long lasting operation.

Do you have fire proof safes or fire rated safes?

Yes. Safes which have been tested for fire resistance show how long the contents will remain unharmed in the event of a fire. The minimum fire rating is 30 minutes.

Do you sell second hand safes?

Yes. Talk to us to see what is available as our stock of used safes changes frequently.

Where should we put a safe in our house?

If the can be hidden that is good, it will be less likely to be found but you don’t want it so far out of the way that you’ll never use it. Try to locate it somewhere that’s easy for you to use and where you can see what you are doing when opening and closing. Think about how it is going to be bolted down. The preferred fixing method is bolted down from the inside of the safe into the floor. (We don’t need to cut holes in the floor.) Safes can also be bolted to the wall if they are sitting on a shelf.

I've forgotten the code/combination, lost the key. Can you open my safe?

Yes, we can usually open a safe even without the code or combination or key. We can come to you or you can bring the safe into our shop. If we need to drill into the safe to open it, we can usually repair it afterwards so you can keep using your safe.

My safe is difficult to open, can you service it?

Yes. Call us and we can assess what needs to be done to allow ease of use.